Planning is a continuous work in progress for the Trusts farm management plans. 
Budgets, annual business planning and off-farm planning all contribute to the strategic direction and planning of the Trust.

Nga Whenua Rahui

The Nga Whenua Rahui Kawenata agreement was signed off by the Trustees in 2010.  The Trustees along with the Minister of Conservation agreed to the following objectives:

  • Protecting and enhancing the natural character of the land with particular regard to the indigenous flora and fauna, their diverse communities and their interactions with the environment that supports them.
  • Protecting the land as an area representative of a significant part of the natural ecological character of its ecological district.
  • Protecting and enhancing the cultural and spiritual values associated with the land and it’s relating water bodies.
  • Embodying the principles of an equal working relationship between the Crown and the Tangata Whenua with particular acknowledgement to the Manawhenua of the Landowner.
  • Protecting the historic, archaeological and educational values associated with the land and its related water bodies.
  • Maintaining the landscape amenity values of the land.
  • Providing for the Landowner and their Beneficial owners and descendants recreational use and enjoyment of the land to the extent consistent with the above objectives.

Tiroa Station and its sister lands, Te Hape and Waipa, form the largest continuous area of farm land in the Waitomo district.