“To nurture our environment, to grow our people and be culturally and socially responsible. To strive for excellence and innovation and be a catalyst for change”.

'Our Trust vision helps us to form the strategic foundations to help protect, maintain, and develop our whenua, property, and assets for the benefit of its equitable owners.'

Farming has been the mainstay of the Trusts for a number of years and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. The Trusts have also given consideration to dairying and horticulture production.
While farming underpins most activities that the Trusts are involved in the Trustees have nevertheless also looked beyond the farm gate to see what non-farming activities the Trusts could become involved in. To date this includes investigations into a small hydro scheme, and an exciting tourism development. Over time it is the intention to have a diversified farming and non-farming portfolio. For the present though efforts will still focus mainly on improving the farming side of the Trusts activities.
Beyond the business of farming and other business activities the Trustees are keen to ensure that the Trusts shareholders get to benefit from its operations. In this respect the Trusts are keen to employ shareholders for a range of farm positions that become available from time to time. The goal over time is to place shareholders not only into positions of farming but to also have them involved in the other business activities that the Trusts become involved in.
From a cultural perspective it is important that the traditions of Ngati Rereahu are upheld and nurtured. Maintenance and development of the marae that connect into Tiroa Te Hape will be ongoing as will the protection of wahi tapu and the whenua.
We are proud of our heritage from where we’ve come and we’re excited about our future, and where we’re going. We hope you enjoy the content of the site and welcome any suggestions for improvement.

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Education is the only ladder for these rural children to climb out of poverty. Isha Vidhya creates a bright future for 7158 rural children in its 9 rural schools.


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