key partners who provide professional and expert advice to the Trust

Our associates and key partners help the Trust fulfil their role of looking after the whenua, property, and assets of the Trust for the benefit of its beneficial owners. We rely on the following key partners who provide professional and expert advice to the Trust. Below are our associate€™s profiles to learn more about those we engage with to bring about the best outcomes for the whenua.


The Trusts have been involved with AgFirst from 1997.  Farm Consultants Peter Livingston and Darren McNae work with our Farm Managers and meet with Trustees regularly.

“AgFirst provides a wide range of services, primarily to the rural sector.  They have New Zealand’s largest network of agricultural, horticultural and agricultural engineering consultants, providing high quality service. ”

PricewaterhouseCoopers New Zealand
The Trustees engaged PwC New Zealand in 2010 to become the Trusts Accountants.  Roger Wilson oversees the Trusts financials and works with the Trustees on Governance matters.

“PwC New Zealand also has a strong industry focus, with multi-discipline teams dedicated to key industry groups in both global and national markets.  For our clients, this means the best local knowledge combined with the broadest global experience.”


The Trusts have a long standing relationship with KPMG who were the Trusts Accountants previously.  The Trust have been in association with KPMG Audit Practice since 2001 and currently work with Trevor Newlands.

“KPMG’s Audit practice helps make sense of the new and increasingly complex risks in today’s business world.”